Madison Campbell: CEO of Leda Health

Madison Campbell is a trailblazer and sexual assault advocate. After going to college to study epidemiology in space populations, Madison has become a well seasoned entrepreneur. She started a company prior to Leda Health called “Iyanu,” which was a software development shop based in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, she is working hard to promote the autonomy and self-actualization of sexual assault survivors through Leda Health by developing and providing resources to help them overcome their difficult trauma.

During her time studying at the University of Edinburgh, Madison was sexually assaulted in her dorm room. She was wrought with an intense assortment of emotions — fear, guilt, shame, and confusion. Immediately she bottled her difficult emotions. She did not share with her family members or closest friends. Instead, she cut her long blonde hair and purchased boxed dye from the drugstore, dyeing her hair jet black. At the time, this was all that Madison could think of to cope.

In the years after her assault, Madison began to explore the reasons for which she did not report. She wondered how frequently situations like hers came to pass. In her research, she found that 77% of sexual assault survivors in the United States do not report their assaults to authorities. She also found that someone in the United States is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. In her solution-driven spirit, Madison queried: How can we make reporting more accessible for survivors who cannot bring themselves to seek traditional forms of help? Where can gaps be closed so that survivors can heal at their own pace?

To answer these questions, Madison founded Leda Health — formerly MeToo Kits Company. With the help of her good friend and computer science expert, Liesel Vaidya, the Chief Technology Officer of Leda Health, Madison began looking into self-DNA collection. It is often that sexual assault survivors submit their own evidence after being assaulted — garments, blankets, and all manner of other physical evidence. Madison and Liesel then decided on the production of a self-use DNA collection kit, which would ultimately help survivors collect time-sensitive DNA material while preserving their autonomy.

As Leda Health grew, so too did the solutions Madison and Liesel conjured. Beyond the kit, Leda Health is expanding its offerings to emergency contraception, STI testing, and support groups for both sexual assault survivors and those who have caused harm. Altogether, Leda Health is evolving into a safe haven for sexual assault survivors of all walks of life and at all stages of healing.

Click here to read Madison Campbell’s full IdeaMensch Interview. Originally published at on July 16, 2021.

Madison Campbell is a CEO, sexual assault survivor, and advocates revolutionizing sexual assault resources in the United States and beyond through Leda Health.

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